Saturday, 12 November 2016

Adelaide Part 1

Rather than driving across the Nullarbor Plain (27 hours without traffic!), we flew from Perth to Adelaide. 3 hour flight with a 2.5 hour time change.
Ponds on the way Coffin Bay National Park
There were people at the Adelaide airport handing out notices for a block party downtown in celebration of South Australia being listed on Lonely Planet's top 10 regions to visit in 2017.

We checked into The Hotel Metropolitan in downtown Adelaide. Note to self: don't book a room over a pub for a Friday and Saturday night stay. Punk band on Friday, rap on Saturday. I had earplugs, but Dave didn't get much quality sleep time. The other problem was parking. I recommend not having a car if you are staying downtown.

Our next stop was Haigh's Chocolate, oldest family-owned chocolate maker in Australia (est. 1915). Too late for a guided tour, but enough time to look around, sample and buy some:) They make chocolates right from the bean. Excellent stuff. Dave bought a selection for tasting. I helped.

Too late for any museums or such, so we went to the West Terrace Cemetery. Adelaide was a planned city, with the mostly square central district surrounded by a band of park lands. The cemetery is on the south portion of the west park and has been around since 1837. There are section for Anglican, Catholic, Jewish, Druze, Afghan, and Islamic. Originally these sections were maintained by the respective groups until the administration was combined. A crematorium was built in 1902 and used until 1959. There is a wide range of monuments and conditions.
West Terrace Cemetery Some not in good condition
Now we had to deal with the parking. Put the car in a parking garage a couple of streets down from the hotel, with the intent to move it down to the street when the parking enforcement period ends after 6pm. This was suggested by the hotel clerk (bartender in the pub). The block party complicated things a bit as the streets were busy.

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