Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Adventure Begins....

How do you ship racing cars to Australia? You need a container modified to hold 6 cars.
One of the containers at GMT
The container is owned by one of the drivers going south. I delivered the Dreossi Special to GMT Racing on August 13th.
There are 2 other Formula Juniors (Lotus 18) that are going too. Some work is still needed :)

There is also a Brabham BT36 Formula 2,
a Chevron B17B Formula B, and a Ralt RT-1 Formula Atlantic (I didn't see them at GMT).

The container was filled on August 17th and shipped to New York for loading on the ship August 25th. The routing from NY to Perth was not direct due to costs. There was a scheduled stop in Singapore to change boats. You can track a ship using AIS (Automatic Identification System) if you know the IMO number. The tracking did disappear while the ship was passing Somali.
Sept 13 just south of Crete
In the Suez Canal Sept 15
At the dock in Singapore Sept 28
The ship arrived in Perth today!!!!

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