Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Plan

Goodwood Revival 2010
Formula Junior was an international race class that ran from 1958 through 1963. The oldest and largest FJr organization is Formula Junior Historic Racing Assoc.(FJHRA) based in the UK. There also are groups in Australia (AFJA), New Zealand (NZFJR) and North America (FJHNA).

With the 60th anniversary of the beginning of FJr coming up in 2018, FJHRA has organized the Diamond Jubilee World Tour 2016-2018. The races in South Africa and the initial European rounds have been completed. 101 FJr cars raced at Brands Hatch in July. The racing continues in Australia in the fall. Early next year, the winter rounds are in New Zealand. The summer of 2017 will be spent in North America before returning to Europe for 2018.

When the idea of a World Series started to be discussed, my interest was piqued. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I decided to retire in September 2016 after much soul searching and do the AUS and NZ rounds of the series.

Discussions with other NA FJr owners developed to judge interest in sharing shipping arrangements. There was a lot of initial interest that slowly dropped away I think due to the time commitment required. Hopefully they will all come out to play for the NA races.

The organizers of the biennial Tasman Tour came up with a logistics plan to ship containers from various places in the world to Australia. They also will look after all the moving of containers between the race tracks in Australia. The races will be:

The container will be shipped to Auckland NZ after Sydney. Shipping within NZ has not been finalized yet. The NZ races will be:

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