Thursday, 20 October 2016

To the end of Day 1

Dave & I departed from Detroit on Oct 17th at 5:38pm.

Leaving Detroit
35 hours later, we got off a plane in Perth Australia via LAX and Brisbane. The LA to Brisbane was the longest at 13.5hr in the air. With crossing the date line, it was Wednesday afternoon by the time we got to Perth.

Today was the first day at the track. We had to be there by 8am to meet the BioSecurity inspectors at 8:30. Australia is very sensitive to invasive species, disease and pests moving into the area. The other drivers, JR (Lotus 18) and Travis (Ralt RT1, Chevron FB), were there already. The two other cars are not running this weekend. Those drivers are expected at Sandown.

The seals were cut by the agents, and the doors open to reveal all the cars in good shape. 'No new dents in the container' was the comment.
The Dreossi was front and center (likely due to the roll bar height). And out she came.
Dreossi with boots
Back at GMT, the tires were wrapped in stretch-wrap after washing to prevent any further contamination while loading the container.
The 4 for this weekend
A couple of containers had arrived at the paddock while we were waiting for BioSecurity. In case you wondered how the containers were handled, they have self-unloading trailers down here.
Unloading a container
Dave & I checked over the car and prepared it for running. We had to bleed the brakes since I hadn't had the time before shipping back in August. Tire pressures set, fuel in. Ready to go.

Today was a Test & Tune session at the track. I ran 3 sessions, 15 min each, to get used to the track. Barbagallo is 1.5 miles around, with only 2 left-hand corners (only 1 of significance). There are pretty significant elevation changes, with a big uphill in one of the left-handers, and downhill braking going into Turns 6 & 7. Turn 1 has a bit of a camber to it so if you go too wide, you lose grip and slide out. Not the fast way around. Started to get comfortable by the 3rd session, ready for practice and qualifying tomorrow.
Main straight into Turn 1

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